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Five Jack established in 2013, is a start-up company in gaming related products and value added service. In 2014, Fivejack comes with new business strategy that can change the behavior of gamers in Indonesia and Fivejack is committed to build better game service platform.

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itemku is the biggest marketplace in the Indonesian online game community and has the "itemku Safe Trading" service which guarantees 100% safe trading. In itemku, safe trading is not the only thing that our buyers and sellers have, but they also have the easiness and convenience when doing their transactions.

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Join us in Five Jack to create the best gamer's heaven.


What is it like to work in Five Jack ?

Flexible working hour.
Flexible creates higher responsibility

Free lunch.
You will never get hungry

Monthly itemku member voucher. For every game you love to play

Everyday is a new challenge

14 Days Annual Leaves.
For every personal matter that you need to do

Agile development lifecycle

Surrounded by smart, fun, and very tactical gamers

A company that you can tell is family at the same time

About Us

Five Jack is the gaming related company which have mission to make changes and solutions for gaming industry in terms of e-commerce. By building itemku, which is a marketplace platform focusing on trading virtual game items in Indonesia, we provide the solution for every gamers who wants to trade their virtual items.

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